A Band to rule them all!
Founded   in   2015   and   emerged   from   their   former   formation   OBoobs   &   the   Blimp, the band Backroom Ethics is the next big thing in alternative rock music! Four    guys,    lots    of    great    songs    and    fun    is    the    formula    that    makes    this extraordinary bunch of musicians the sensational rock group, they are. Backroom    Ethics    is    localized    in   Augsburg,    Germany.    It    consists    of    the    four members Andy   (Leadvocals   &   Rhythmguitar), Andy   (Bass   &   Backvocals),   Richie (Leadguitar & Backvocals) and Simon (Drums). The   guys   have   tons   of   experience,   formerly   playing   in   bands   of   all   kind   of genres but share the love for great music. The   songs   of   the   Backroom   Ethics   is   best   described   as   entertaining,   versatile   rock with lots of groove and commitment. Attributes   from   all   kinds   of   different   genres   are   mixed   together   to   an   distinctive style of it’s own. After   some   of   their   produced   songs   had   first   success   on   local   and   international radio,   Backroom   Ethics   tries   to   focus   on   the   preparation   of   a   good   live-show, right now, planning first shows in the future, so stay tuned!