Missed   Woodstock   and   want   to   have   some   similar   experience?   ;-)   Well,   of   course   we   can   not deliver the psychedelic drugs, but we CAN deliver the good music, for sure! Just   check   out   our   next   gigs   on   this   site.   And   if   you   should   have   consumed   too   much   of   the aforementioned   dope,   you   can   be   relieved.   We   even   deliver   a   neat   map,   so   that   even   the   most washed up guys can find the location with ease. :-)
STAC-FESTIVAL 14. Oktober 2016  Foto: lichtkonserve JUZE in Kissing at the  BREMSSPUR TOUR 2017 28. Januar 2017 NEXT GIG: AmperSlam Bandbattle! Live on Twitch at 10/10/2020 SUMMERLOUNGE an der Wertach 24. Juni 2017 LAST GIGS: STEREOTON in Neusäß 17. Februar 2018