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PaperplaneAirstrike is the solo-project of lead singer and guitarist Andy from the Overdriven Band of old Bastard Sons (also known as oBOOBS) & the Blimp.

He also was the ex-singer and bassist of the alternative punkrock band CANCELLED, till the group split up in 2014.

Andy learned guitar at the age of 18, mainly because he had too much time and had recently discovered a shady old guitar of his older sister.

The weeks after that he became addicted to playing and soon started making music with two friends (one of them Richie - his long time band-companion).

In 2003 they formed their fist band and played some minor gigs.

After the then four guys parted ways in 2005 Andy and Richie formed CANCELLED. The band, he wrote most of the songs for. Since they never found a solid bassist to play along, he decided to swap his guitar for a bass and became a bassist. This remained the fact till 2010, when he wanted to focus more on the singing, performing on stage and interacting with the fans (not what you think ;-) ).

Nine years, three albums, countless songs and gigs later, CANCELLED called it a day.

Still hungry for music, Richie and Andy searched for worthy bandmates and found them after a long search.

When they finally found the definitive group of musicians needed to launch the “overdriven Band of old Bastard Sons & the Blimp“ it was already 2015 and Andy had again comitted to playing the guitar, like he did in 2005.

Since this long search lasted nearly a full year, he needed other ways to make the music in his head come to life. It was then, when he decided to create PaperplaneAirstrike.

His own solo project where he could write the songs, play the instruments and live his arts.

Since PPA is neither CANCELLED nor oBOOBS, he can write the songs strictly to his own taste.

If you ever wanted to hear, how a bunch of cloned Andys would sound, this is your chance! ;-)

Of course, Andy is still active in his main band, where he not only sings, but plays the guitar. And besides that, there’s 100% Andy in PaperplaneAirstrike!