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Contact PaperplaneAirstrike


If you want to get in touch with PaperplaneAirstrike, there are several ways to this.

Of course you can use the plenty social media platforms, the PPA is on.

It’s your choice if you prefer facebook, google+ or twitter. You can also comment on the youtube-page of rockradioca - the site place PaperplaneAirstrike is hosting it’s videos. Feel free to give plenty of feedback so I can have some insight, how my music and the videos are received.

And when the question you want to ask is too personal or business related and the social media way seems not appropriate, check out my contact-form at the end of the page and send me a message per mail.

I will try to answer them, I promise ;-)

I’m also always open for collaborations of any form. So if you are a musician and got an idea/interest, let me know!