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Listen to my songs and download them FOR FREE at bandcamp!

Yes, you heard right!

Since I believe that the people should have the chance to listen to my songs and share them, as they want, I offer them for free.

Of course you can share my songs and give them to your friends.

But be kind and give the the address of my website so they can join the PPA community as well.

And when you’re done with that, go and check out some of the other great bands at bandcamp, since I think there are some real gems to be discovered!

Many of them are free, too and the whole community is kind and friendly.

Also be sure to check back here once in a while, since I release them one by one and whenever they are done. This way you get all the songs as soon as possible!

Join the PPA mailinglist if you want to be on the safe site and grab a new song, whenever it is released!

Also feel free to support me at bandcamp, if you like.

You can follow me there and help me spread the music I make.